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Mrs. Denise Credit

Welcome to a new and exciting school year for your 3rd grade student. My name is Denise Credit. I am elated to have your child joining me in our 3rd grade adventure. This year will be a year of fun learning and advancement for your child!

Your child will bring home a student planner everyday stating what is going on in our classroom. This will be my main form of communication with you so please be sure and check the planner each day and sign at the bottom of each day. The student planner is where I will write notes, mark behavior colors, and let you know all things that are going on with your child at FUE. It is very important that you check your child’s binder each day to review work we have been doing in class to help reinforce their learning.

I will post grades weekly to the JPAMS Parent Portal so that you may see how your child is progressing in my class. The Parent Portal is a great way for you to keep up with your child’s attendance and grades. I encourage you to check it weekly so that you will be in the know of how your child is doing at FUE. If you do not have a computer available to you the Concordia Parish Library offers computers for use and so does our parent center located here at FUE. Again I am looking forward to a great 3rd grade adventure with your child.
Thank you,
Mrs. Credit

*Please note that I am not the only teacher your child will have this school year that will be marking in the student planner. Your child only comes to me for Reading, Language, and Social Studies.

*Please make sure that I receive updated phone numbers throughout the school year so that I may keep you informed on how your child is doing and if there is any sickness. Thanks in advance!