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School Policies

School Policies

A student shall be considered tardy to school if the student is not in his/her homeroom/first period class when the bell to begin homeroom ceases. Habitual tardiness on the part of the students shall not be tolerated.

Students who exhibit habitual tardiness shall be subject to disciplinary action, appropriate under the circumstances.  Parents of students who continue to be tardy shall be notified for a conference with the principal, and the student may be subject to suspension from school and the parent/legal guardian subject to court fines or community service.

Tardy Policy

1st Tardy (Warning to the student)

2nd Tardy (Written notification to parent)

3rd Tardy (Student will have evening detention/parent notification)

4th Tardy (Student will have Saturday school/parent notification)

5th Tardy (Student will be suspended from school/parent notification and Supervisor of Child and Welfare-Dr. Brenda Moore will be notified)

6th and every Tardy thereafter, student will be suspended, parent notified, & Dr. Moore notified

This process will start over at the beginning of each semester.


It is the policy of the Concordia Parish School Board that no student shall be denied the benefits of any education program or activity or of any extracurricular activity on the basis of race, color, disability, religion, creed, national origin, age, or sex (e.g. marital or parental status, to include pregnancy).  All programs and activities offered by the schools within the Concordia Parish School District shall be open and participation available to all students in compliance with statutory and judicial requirements.